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 For All wishing to apply for Diploma Courses at DIT. Applications is now open. Click here to start.

Application Procedures

    • Step One :: Read Application Requirements 
      Before starting registration. read DIT Admission Requirements
      Dit Bank Account No: 0150408417800 - CRDB BANK,
      Account name DSM INST OF TECHNOLOGY

      1. Prepare a list of Scanned documents for Attachments All Applicants must have Recent Digital or Scanned Passport size Photo (Scanned passport size photo must single and in full page) Scanned original Birth Certificate . Scanned original Bank Payin Slip. Applicants with O-Level (CSEE from NECTA) only Scanned original O-Level education Certificate (CSEE). Applicants with A-Level (CSEE and ACSEE from NECTA) Scanned original O-Level education Certificate (CSEE). Scanned original A-Level education Certificate (ACSEE) . Applicants with VETA and CSEE from NECTA Scanned original O-Level education Certificate (CSEE). Scanned original VETA Certificate (VETA). Applicants with education certificate not awarded by NECTA Scanned original Certificate and its equivalent Education Certificate from NECTA .

    • Step two :: Sign Up
      Click on the Sign up llink on the navigation menu to start. Carefully select your correct current education level. Remember your Form Four Index Number and Password which are to be used to login to the system for further application steps. For Applicant with foreign Certificate, remember your email address and password. Provide all your Basic Details and then login to start your application. NB: You must provide a valid email address (Active email Account). 

    • Step Three :: Login 
      After Completing your sign up. Click on the Login Button or Link on the navigation menu, Then enter your Login ID(form iv index no) and Password to Login.
      **NB: For applicants with CSEE awarded by Necta. Use your Form four index number That you provided during registration
      For those with Foreign Education Certificate, use you Email Address as a login Id

    • Step Four :: Provide Basic Personal Information 
      **This is after you have been registered and then you have logged into the system. You will be required to enter all  required personal information.

    • Step Five :: Provide your Education Background 
      Provide your education background information. Then provide O-Level ( or Equivalent education for Foreign education) grades for Physics or Engineering Science,Mathematics,Chemistry,English and Then Biology. ** Be careful when Providing your Grades since they will be accepted only once.

    • Step Six :: Course and Entry Mode Selections
      Select your preferred Entry mode (Direct Entry or Pre Entry mode). Then select your preferred courses by priority. You will be required to select 6 courses from available list in each priority choice.

      **NB: Your choices should be based on your course/program priority.
      If you select both entries. You will be prompted to enter another payment transaction id in order to meet the application fee for both entries
    • Step Seven :: Documents Attachment 
      Upload all the required scanned original documents as listed in the file input field (Folder Icons) . Upload one document at a time in order to successfully upload all of your documents.
    • Last Step :: Submit your Application 
      Before you submit your application. You are required to review all of the Provided Information for correctness, edit to correct in case of any error. Submit your application.
      Logout:: While loggin out of the system you will be required to answer a few survey questions.
To all Applicants::
The Institute will post the date of releasing the selection on this system and on the Institute's website. All selected applicants will receive notifications through their accounts in this system. You will have to login to view the course which you have been selected or to view if you are not selected

  Applications for 2nd Round Admission into Ordinary Diploma Programmes for the Academic Year 2016/ here

  Fani Mpya za Stashahada (Diploma) zinazotolewa na DIT. Ingia hapa

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