Friday, 27 May 2016

Skipping Breakfast Is Fatal. Here’s What Happens When You Do So

 Skipping Breakfast Is Fatal. Here’s What Happens When You Do So
If you've read health and fitness portals or magazines, you've probably been seen variations of "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," "eat breakfast to kickstart your metabolism," or perhaps "skip breakfast and die." Yes, those are 100% true.

Have you wondered what happens to your body if you skip breakfast? Well, if you aren't aware, here are the consequences.

Low blood sugar
Journal of Frontiers of Human Neuroscience says that the first meal of the day restores glycogen and checks insulin levels. If you don't refill yourself with adequate amount of sugar, you are left to have a fatigued day at work.

Slow Metabolism
You aren't hungry and don't refuel yourself. The body senses something is wrong and switches on the protection mode, which means body won't spend the calories freely and save it for future use. This means your metabolism rate slows down. If you are on a calorie burning regime, your day at gym stands ruined.

Stress hormone gets accelerated
A research survey by EAS academy says that stress hormone cortisol peaks during the early morning hours. Now if you eat breakfast, the blood level of the stress hormone cortisol gets lowered. When we sleep, though we don't do any work, the body still needs to maintain critical physiological and metabolic functions required to support life as well as those which foster daily recovery, tissue repair and growth and development - key components to training adaptation. The energy to support these functions come from blood glucose, liver glycogen and free fatty acids.

Bad for heart
Your regular habit of skipping breakfasts leaves you with a poor health. You burn fewer calories and gain weight. Also you are prone to high cholesterol and increased chance of heart attack. Leah E. Cahill of Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Mass told the American Heart Association, "Incorporating many types of healthy foods into your breakfast is an easy way to ensure your meal provides adequate energy and a healthy balance of nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. "
source: Lifehacker
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