Friday, 27 May 2016

How To Cease And Prevent Panic Attacks Easily

 How To Cease And Prevent Panic Attacks Easily
We all get panic attacks during occasions like exams, interviews, or during a flight (If you have a fear of heights). It makes your head suddenly so heavy that you feel you're dying. Your heart is beating fast and your head is clouded with overwhelming nervousness and anxiety.

And you're just blank, trying to figure out what's happening to you and how to calm yourself down.
First of all, stop worrying!
Here's how you can beat the alarming situations:
1. Take a deep breath: Inhale and exhale. Deep breathing relaxes your brain as well as your soul.

2. Lift your hands up and stretch. This will relieve your muscles and the caught-up anxiety and fear will be out of your system.

3. Massage your temples in circular motion. Again, this will calm your mind and help you overcome a panic attack.

4. Have a glass of chilled water. It will get your nerves in place.

5. Walk for a few minutes in open air. This will let you think afresh and will eliminate the negative thoughts.

6. Breathe quickly into a paper bag. You will feel much lighter when you do this.

7. Think of happy memories. Don't crowd your mind with sad and negative thoughts.

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